Peace Silk-Poly Blend White

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As a natural material, silk has many qualities. It is resistant, thermo-insulant and one of the softest fabrics in the world. Peace Silk is a sustainable material even more ethical by being animal-friendly. Grown in India with a slow process, Peace Silk allows worms to grow and leave their cocoons before they are harvested. Traditionally, harvesting these cocoon filaments involve boiling the silkworm while it’s still alive. This makes it easier to extract and collect the silk fibers, but obviously means a very cruel and painful ending for the caterpillar. Alternatively, Peace Silk allows the silkworm to mature into a moth.

Composition: 70% Peace Silk 30% Recycled Polyester

  • Fabric breathability – Highly breathable
  • Moisture-wicking abilities – High
  • Heat retention abilities – Low
  • Stretchability (give)- Low
  • Commonly used in – Nightgowns, lingerie, robes, evening wear, blouses, suits, sport coats, curtains, pillow ruffles, parachutes, bicycle tires, medical dressings






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